Is it the "True" Church?

Does Hell exist (and what happens to the dead)

by Bill Wong


Most Christians today are completely deceived about what happens when we die.  For example, they believe we are immortal spirits in a mortal/fleshly shell that continue to live after we die.  Also, they believe in the existence of a realm called Hell where the dead who are judged unfavorably go to be tortured in fire for all eternity.


Neither of these two beliefs is Biblical, but they have lasted to this day.  Like most of the false doctrines that Christians believe today, the reason why is because they were created many, many centuries ago by the Roman Catholic Church based on paganism, and have passed down to stay as deeply engrained tradition. 


The Roman Catholic Church promoted the existence of Hell to use the fear of dying in sin and going to Hell as a way to force people into the pews.  Once there, the parishioners were easily controlled, including having to pay for indulgences and doing other things to “buy” their salvation and make the church rich. 


We will not deal with indulgences, Purgatory, etc. but only address the erroneous beliefs of an immortal spirit and the existence of Hell and how they are not Bible truth.



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