Is it the "True" Church?


God's calendar, not Rome's

by Bill Wong

The institution of the Roman Catholic Church has claimed itself to be God’s “true church”.  However, its history, doctrines and traditions shows it has actually fought God, the Bible and the people of God at every turn.  It has either distorted God’s instruction in the Bible or just discarded them to be replaced with its own man-made traditions.  What it did has passed down to an unknowing and unfortunately, often uncaring, world today – Christians and non-Christians alike. 

A prime example of how it attacks everything that is God’s, is that not even the calendar and days and years that are holy to God are left untouched.  This is seen in the calendar which is used by most of the world today and the “Christian” holidays in it – the Roman Gregorian calendar.  It and the holidays within it were created by Rome to be observed instead of and do away with God’s Biblical calendar. 

The creation of a man-made calendar to replace God’s calendar is idolatry. This is the definition of ‘idol’ from which idolatry comes from, according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary:

Idol --- 1: a representation or symbol of an object of worship; broadly : a false god

              2 a: a likeness of something b obsolete : PRETENDER, IMPOSTOR

              3: a form or appearance visible but without substance <an enchanted phantom, a lifeless idol — P. B. Shelley>

              4: an object of extreme devotion <a movie idol>; also : IDEAL 2

              5: a false conception : FALLACY

As we can see from its definition, idolatry also includes having false beliefs about God (who He is, what He is, etc.), and worshipping Him not based on Biblical truth, but instead worshipping God in the faulty, deceptive and unholy ways (works-based salvation, man-made sacraments, purgatory, etc.) created by the vain imaginations of men and how people worship pagan gods.  Idolatry is a false conception and an impostor/fake.  These are all things that the Roman calendar is, promotes and does.

The Roman calendar was created by the false ideas of men as an impostor for God’s real calendar to replace His calendar.  This calendar has holidays like Christmas and Easter for the worship of God which are not Biblical (not just making up ways to worship Him that do not follow the Bible, but also using pagan customs and symbols to do so); as well as the holidays for worship of men and women, such as the Assumption (for Mary ascending to heaven (never dying) to reside with Jesus forever), All Saints Day with its All Hallows Eve/Halloween the day before (for saints and martyrs), and many others.  All of these holidays have their origins from pagan ideas and practices, repackaged for Christ. 

However, the replacement pretender Roman calendar and its holidays which may “look good and feel good” are not only pagan in origin and idolatrous which God hates, but they distort God's Bible truth and do away with the true calendar and holy feast days that God gave in the Bible, hiding essential Biblical truths contained within God’s holy feast days which we are told by God to observe.

God’s calendar shows His salvation in Messiah in each of the Biblical feast days and reveals past, present and end-time events against the backdrop of the harvests and wedding customs of ancient Israel.  For example, in the Roman calendar history Easter was created to replace Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread which the Bible tells us to observe (1 Corinthians 5:6-8); and the Biblical holy days in the Fall are discarded: the Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement and Feast of Tabernacles --- which all picture future events Christ will live out like Christ's return and His work to establish the Kingdom of God (just like He was our Passover, the Lamb of God dying on Passover). 

The Roman calendar is itself an idol – and also teaches everyone a false idea about God and idolatrous ways to worship Him.

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