Law of God 






How much do I love you?


Let me count the ways... 

1.   I will have no other gods.

2.   I will not make or bow down to any image.

3.   I will not dishonor you and your name.

4.   I will remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.

5.   I will honor my father and mother.

6.   I will not murder.

7.   I will not commit adultery.

8.   I will not steal.

9.   I will not lie.

10. I will not covet what belongs to my neighbor.


Reasons for Sunday are not Biblical - Conclusion

by Bill Wong





And we must remember this, at the beginning of the Catechism of Trent, the Roman Catholic Church itself admitted that adherence to the Sabbath commandment will be the glue that binds all the other commandments to likewise be obeyed – yet it still goes ahead and calls it not of the moral law, “changes” it to Sunday and lies about the reasons for doing so:


“The importance of its observance for the faithful may be inferred from the consideration that those who carefully comply with it are more easily induced to keep all the other Commandments. For among the other works which are necessary on holydays, the faithful are bound to assemble in the church to hear the Word of God. When they have thus learned the divine justifications, they will be disposed to observe, with their whole heart, the law of the Lord.”


And then, after effectively nullifying God’s Sabbath commandment and replacing it with its own Sunday worship day, the Roman Catholic Church has the audacity to say that it is a crime to not obey their tradition of Sunday worship:

“Neglect Of This Commandment A Great Crime


But those who altogether neglect its fulfilment resist God and His Church; they heed not God's command, and are enemies of Him and His holy laws, of which the easiness of the command is itself a proof. We should, it is true, be prepared to undergo the severest labor for the sake of God; but in this Commandment He imposes on us no labor; He only commands us to rest and disengage ourselves from worldly cares on those days which are to be kept holy. To refuse obedience to this Commandment is, therefore, a proof of extreme boldness; and the punishments with which its infraction has been visited by God, as we learn from the Book of Numbers,' should be a warning to us.


In order, therefore, to avoid offending God in this way, we should frequently ponder this word: Remember, and should place before our minds the important advantages and blessings which, as we have already seen, flow from the religious observance of holydays, and also numerous other considerations of the same tendency, which the good and zealous pastor should develop at considerable length to his people as circumstances may require.”


Who is the one that refuses obedience to God’s true commandments? Who is showing “proof of extreme boldness” by doing away with God’s Sabbath and creating its own day of worship? Who is actually “offending God in this way”? Is it not the Roman Catholic Church? I pray that the reader sees the extent of the hypocrisy and the complete lack of respect to God in all this.


God’s Sabbath is for all, because the Lord of the Sabbath is for all. The Roman Catholic Church knows this and admits this – that the Lord Jesus did not revoke or change any of God’s 10 Commandments. And, contradicting itself, it also admits that the Bible does not indicate any change to Sunday worship even though we have seen it tries to actually use the Bible to support worshipping on Sunday. The Roman Catholic Church knows what the Bible truth is, but still proceeds to lie to everyone and has deceived almost everyone about Sunday “replacing” the Sabbath for all believers in Christ. This reveals to whom it belongs and it is not God.


It is time everyone be aware of the Sabbath truth. It is the bond between God and Christ and us. The Sabbath is the mark of God’s people and the Lord Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Sabbath. The time is coming soon when God’s 10 Commandments will play a major role in end-time events. It is by the Law of God we know what sin is. It is the standard of measure – will you be able to measure up?





This concludes the articles in this series - Reasons for Sunday are not Biblical.



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