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by Bill Wong






The Messiah or mashiach which is Hebrew (Christ is Greek for messiah) means the Anointed One.  Most Jewish people who believe in God believe this Messiah to be only a man – a descendant of King David, who God uses to physically save the nation of Israel from her enemies at the end time and establish God’s Kingdom with Israel as its center.  They do not recognize the New Testament (B’rit Hadashah) as part of Holy Scripture and state that Jesus is not the literal Son of God and Messiah, because Jesus did not save Israel as a nation before He was crucified as “King of the Jews”. Note: Jesus‘ real name is Hebrew: Yahusha‘ after יהושע or Yahushuaafter יהושוע (both spelled for Joshua) or Yeshua‘ which is used most often; please see the article 'The Name of God and Messiah'.

The belief in the Messiah is the central focus and greatest hope in Judaism.  This is because salvation by this Messiah is the core theme of Holy Scripture.  With the Messiah, not only will Israel finally be liberated from her enemies, but her standing with God will be established firmly forever as Israel is purified and becomes the spotless bride of God she was always destined to be.  God will once again dwell among His people as He did in the times of Moses in the wilderness. 


Jews observe the Hebrew Scriptures which is called the Tanakh (misnamed the Old Testament in English Bibles; both the Tanakh and B'rit Hadashah are a unified whole and one does not replace the another).  The Tanakh does foretell of a Messiah who will save Israel from her enemies.  However, the Tanakh does much more than this.  It states that this same Messiah is much more than just a man and He will not only physically save Israel from her enemies, but He will spiritually save her and all people from the ultimate enemies of sin and death. 


That the Messiah both physically and spiritually saves Israel (and all mankind) should not come as a surprise to Jews – it should make perfect sense.  After all, they believe that the complete restoration of Israel in all respects – especially to be at one again with God, happens only when this King Messiah comes on the scene; this is not a “coincidence”. 


This Messiah has been foretold throughout the pages of the Tanakh.  Physical salvation is only part of the story, but it is also the spiritual and eternal salvation of God that completes the story of man : this spiritual and eternal salvation is God’s plan to restore mankind back to the pure relationship He had with us before Adam and Eve fell in sin.  We must realize that God is supremely holy and sin is an abomination.  This means that the problem of sin must be dealt with forever so we can once again be holy and approach God.  


Truly, how else can Israel be right again with God unless sin is dealt with forever first?  And it is not the sins of Israel alone, but of all mankind.  Why would the Tanakh even tell us about the fall of man in Genesis unless at some point later, God will rectify the situation and reconcile man back to Him? 


The Scriptures tell us that Israel was to be a light to all nations.  The Almighty declares Israel as this light so that Israel can give the nations the knowledge of Him and His ways.  This sharing of who God is includes the promise of Messiah who saves Israel and all mankind. 


Jesus/Yeshua was a Jew and all the first followers were Jews.  He did not come to create a “new” religion separate from Judaism as is often falsely accused.  He came to fulfill the will of God in all things – what was written in the Tanakh, including the reconciliation and redemption of Israel and all of fallen sinful man back to God.  This includes upholding God's Law, because sin is the transgression of God's Law (as even the B'rit Hadashah defines in 1 John 3:4).  The Law is not nullified and was and always is for all people – both Jews and Gentiles (non-Jews).  Indeed, Yeshua magnified the law and made it greater for all mankind, both Jews and Gentiles; please also see the article ‘Christ Magnified the Law’.   Jews must discard all preconceived ideas about the B’rit Hadashah, because HaSatan (the adversary/enemy, Satan) has deceived many – both Jew and Gentile alike. 

It is time for Israel to claim its rightful mantle of being a light to the world which can only fully come when Israel knows her Messiah.  This is why it is not a coincidence that the golden age of peace and glory of Jerusalem arrives only when the blessed one who comes in God’s name sets foot upon the Mount of Olives to destroy Israel’s enemies at the end battle (Zechariah 14:1-4).  That the Almighty is calling out many of Israel even now to know Yeshua, and more and more every day, is a sign of this truth that Yeshua is the Messiah, and the remnant of Israel in the end times is being chosen.

Jews must understand that the times of refreshing are soon upon us.  They must understand that Satan hates Jews most of all and will do anything and everything to keep them from knowing who their Messiah is. 


This is why Jews must understand that any persecution they suffer by “Christian” hands is not from true believers in Christ, but from those who masquerade themselves as Christians and follow their own fleshly desires.  Jews must not allow this hatred to blind them to the truth, but must let go of this resentment.  Does not the Book of Jonah teach us that we must love even our enemies, because God loves them, too?  Does it not tell us that we must forgive as we are freely forgiven by God?



Please, my Jewish and other unbelieving brothers and sisters, you must dig into the Scriptures with an unbiased eye that is not based on traditions of men.  You will find that the Tanakh is full of references to a coming King Messiah who is far more than just a mere man, but has His origins in eternity.  This King Messiah redeems Israel first and foremost, but also all of mankind and addresses the problem of sin. 


We must understand and not ignore the truth of Isaac’s sacrifice in Genesis 22.  It is not about Abraham’s faith as the father of the faithful.  It is not about how Israel is blessed because of him.  The core truth is that our heavenly father will Himself see to it and provide the sacrifice of a son, His only son; it is the only blood powerful enough to atone for all our sins, for without blood there is no forgiveness.


We must also see for themselves what the B’rit Hadashah really says and they will find that it does not make the Tanakh obsolete at all, but it agrees with everything it says.  The only difference is that everything gets magnified : the Law of God is now written in the hearts of men as hearts turn from stone to flesh, and the redemption of Israel goes far beyond a physical redemption, but is a spiritual one that does away with sin forever – and by God’s mercy, this salvation is also given as a light to all the peoples of the world.  Yeshua teaches that Israel is the pupil of God’s eye and salvation is of the Jews (John 4:22).


The Jewish people have been blinded by their persecutors, authorities and traditions for far too long and their Messiah has been hidden from them.  Let God’s Word alone be your guide.  Do not let the traditions and teachings of men have a higher place above and overriding the very words of God in Holy Scripture.  Do not let the traditions and teachings of men prevent you from seeking and knowing God's truth which can only be found in His holy word alone.  What can be more precious than knowing your God through His holy word which He has specifically given to you so you can know Him and have a relationship with Him?


Prophecy continues to unfold as the state of Israel is once again established and the people are still being re-gathered.  God is calling out His people.  Dark times will soon fall upon the entire world.  Every nation will come against Israel and only God can save her.  He does this through His anointed one:  King Messiah.  He will establish the Kingdom of God forever and all will be like the Garden of Eden again.


And so we must begin from the very beginning to see where the pages of the Tanakh foretell of a Messiah who will reconcile Israel and through Israel – all peoples, to God. 


The Tanakh tells us the King Messiah which all Jews long for is indeed Yahusha‘ / Yahushua(Yeshua‘/Jesus).





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